Darren Lynch has been a fantastic mortgage broker from start to finish.  Early in our search for home financing, one of the other lenders we worked with briefly had a long list of conditions for loan approval.  Darren was able to find us a lender that could provide a loan without conditional approval.

What stood out to us during this process was Darren’s patience, and how we felt he was looking for our best interest.  Whether this was in the selection of the mortgage, or gathering the information we would need to supply to the lender.  Every question would receive a prompt response by e-mail or phone call.  And as this was our first home purchase, we had a lot of questions.  We were very comfortable working with Darren despite the first time meeting him face to face was on the day of the closing.

We recommend Darren for anyone looking to finance their home as he will not only be an asset, he definitely is not going contribute stress to the home purchase.


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