Eddie, Processed loan and closed in 6 business days after I was turned down by 4 mortgage companies.

My landlord told me I had to purchase the condo I loved and had been renting long term by the end of the year or move out. I had fair credit, not 20% down, a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure 5 years ago, and tax liens less than 7 years ago still on my credit record. My condo association would only accept conventional mortgages. I had been turned down by 4 mortgage companies including internet and local and I was ready to start packing when I did a Google search on – Can you purchase a condo in Florida without 20% down? First Financial website popped up, I started reading and started to get some hope. I filled out the online application on their website and before I was done within minutes Eddie called me. From there it was amazing, my landlord was selling it by owner and neither of us had a real estate agent or an attorney. Eddie talked me through the whole process, morning, afternoon, and evening with calls and texts; he was always available. First Financial team processed my loan from that desperate day I applied WITHIN 6 BUSINESS DAYS. It was amazing, still can’t believe it’s true. We were scheduled to close on December 30th one day before my landlord’s deadline when Eddie called to tell me the loan was finalized and we could close the week before Christmas. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their attention and support through the whole process from application to close. Don’t give up until you’ve talked to Eddie and their team.

If anyone would like to talk to a previous customer I would be glad to talk to them.

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