First Florida Financial Group, LLC

A Florida Mortgage Broker Company Founded in 2006


We work for you & not the bank.  When working with us, your not “stuck” with ONE bank’s restrictive set of underwriting guidelines. We always seek out the best lender to suit your specific situation and find lenders with the best mortgage rates! Oh, Ya we don’t keep bankers hours we always answer your phone calls and text messages in the evening and on the weekends.

Our Amazing E ZIP MORTGAGE online technology gets you pre-qualified Fast, you see you’re credit scores immediately, and gets loans closed in 30 days or less, It’s all online, reduces paperwork, and provides you with a secure, collaborative document upload portal that regularly notifies you via text messaging & emails with all loan updates! Our outside the box thinking, and great rates is what sets us apart from everyone else. So whether you have an easy or complex loan our team of home loan experts is ready to help get your loan closed fast.

We’ve Streamlined the Mortgage Process and Put the Power in The Palm of Your Hand.

Application to Closing, All From the Palm of Your Hand.

Get Approved Fast.

Less Paperwork.

See Your Credit Scores Immediately.

Secure Document Portal

Constant Loan Status Updates

Before you begin to shop for a new home, you should get pre-qualified!



Jumbo Home Loan 5% Down Payment

5% Down Payment Jumbo Loans, buy your dream home with a very small down payment.

Condo Home Loan 3% Down Payment

We make condo financing quick and easy with down payments as low as 3%. Non-Warrantable and Condo-Hotel loans too.

First Time Home Buyer 3% Down Payment

Are you a first time home buyer or haven’t owned a property in the last 3 years? Then you may qualify for our 3% Down Program.

Conventional Home Loans

3% down payment for First Time Home Buyers, 5% down payment for Non-First Time Home Buyers, 10% down payment on Second Homes.

Multi Family Property Loan 15% Down

Multi-Family Properties, Duplex, Triplex, or Fourplex to Earn Rental Income.

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Home Mortgage Loan, A Florida Reverse Mortgage is a Loan for Seniors Age 62 and Older.

Bank Statement Self-Employed Loans

This a great way to qualify for a home loan if you are self-employed and don’t claim enough income on your tax returns.

FHA Home Loan 3.5% Down Payment

An FHA loan allows a low 3.5% Down Payment with a 580 credit score, less strict credit, and underwriting requirements.

VA Home Loan ZERO Down Payment

Are you are a veteran, member of the military or military spouse? You may qualify for a VA loan.

Refinance Home Loan

Want to consolidate your debt, lower your interest rate or pay off your mortgage faster? Were ready to help you.

Renovation - Rehab Loans

Renovation mortgage programs allow buyers to purchase or refinance the costs of repairs based on what the house is expected to be worth.

USDA Home Loan ZERO Down Payment

A USDA loan provides a government-insured loan with Zero Down Payment for rural areas through the state.

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