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Florida Mortgage Broker

A Florida Mortgage Broker in an independent trained professional and is licensed to represent and provide you with the best advice and loan options for your home mortgage needs.

A Florida Mortgage Brokers primary expertise is locating funding for a mortgage financing loan. We know where the best rates can be found. What’s more, We have the knowledge required to package your loan file to lenders in the best way possible to successfully obtain a mortgage closing.

So why deal with a Florida Mortgage Broker?

Florida Mortgage Brokers represent you, the customer, not the lender. Because we are not employees of a lender, brokers are not limited to the products they can offer you. Brokers seek out the best lender package to suit your specific situation, whether it’s with a Large wholesale mortgage lender, Chartered Bank or Private Funds.

Choosing the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands of extra dollars and mortgage brokers are trained professionals who can help you save on your mortgage dollar.


Reasons to use a Florida Mortgage Broker

• Access to different lenders, banks, investors and financial institutions.
• Fast credit and loan pre-qualifications with no cost to you or obligation.
• We are experts at matching you with the best-suited mortgage.
• Get mortgage rates at wholesale.
• We work for YOU, not the bank.
• Up-to-date on all the mortgage rates, terms and repayment options available on the market.
• We only specialize in mortgages and were knowledgeable about current trends.
• We save you time and money!
• Brokers have vested interest in satisfying your needs since they rely on referrals and repeat business.

Why should I go to a Florida Mortgage Broker first?

A professional presentation to a lender on the first application will get the best response and save you valuable time and money. Secondary applications with previous credit bureau inquiries may be more costly.

Often the success of obtaining mortgage approval depends on the way a proposal is presented and to whom it is sent. Your Mortgage Broker is trained to present your mortgage proposal where and how it will get the most immediate, positive result.

You don’t call an insurance company for insurance – you use an insurance Broker, because of their expertise, product knowledge, and rates. So remember, call us first!


Other than rates, why should I use a Mortgage Broker?

In addition to rates, because mortgage-based financing is the Broker’s primary business, he or she has developed expertise in what type of mortgage financing each lender prefers to pursue. This kind of knowledge not only results in the most favorable rates for each project but often whether a project is funded at all.

How do Mortgage Brokers find superior rates?

Interest rates are a concern to borrowers. Because of their daily contact with lenders, Brokers know which project or home attracts a favorable interest rate from one institution, but a higher rate at another. Some institutions, in fact, will only accept mortgage submissions from mortgage brokers.

These rates and preferences for types of mortgages can change daily, depending on economic circumstances or based on the size of an institution’s portfolio in a particular type of mortgage. Your Mortgage Broker keeps current and knows which lender to approach first. As a result, mortgage rates obtained by Brokers are among the best available at the time of placement.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Florida Home Loan?

Has Your Florida Mortgage Loan Application Been Turned Down or Your Concerned You May Not Qualify for a Florida Mortgage Because?

  • Debt to Income Ratio is too High.
  • Credit Scores are a little Too Low, not to worry we can do a Rapid Rescore.
  • Prior Foreclosures, Short Sales or Bankruptcies.
  • Prior Mortgage Late Payments.
  • Don’t have Enough Reserves.


Not to worry our Loan Officers overcome these problems all the time, We know the Florida Jumbo Mortgage Business and can Close Easy, Complex and Tough Deals.

We do this by utilizing our “Outside The Box Thinking” to get you pre-qualified for the maximum loan amount possible while keeping your down payment and closing costs as low as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our prior client reviews!

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