Asset Depletion Loans – Asset Based Mortgage Programs 

What is an Asset Depletion Loan?

An asset Depletion Loan otherwise known as an Asset Based Loan allows you to use your assets to qualify for a mortgage (instead of income), and does not require you to be employed. An asset-based loan or Asset depletion loan uses your assets as income. Whether you are a retiree with a small fixed income, a new business or an established company that needs to maintain a high cash flow, the ease, and benefits of an asset-based loan have made them a popular solution for borrowers in recent years. Leverage your Assets for a Property Purchase or Refinancing without pledging, transferring, or establishing a new depository relationship.

If you have a lot of assets, but make little-to-no income, an asset depletion loan might be a good option for you.

What are the requirements for getting an Asset Depletion Loan – Asset Based Mortgage?

Assets vs Income

So what is the difference between assets and income? With a traditional mortgage using income to qualify, the borrower’s earnings are calculated (the amount of money they make through their employment). By contrast, an asset qualifier mortgage allows the borrower to use money in the form of verified assets to qualify. Verified assets can include the following:

  • 100% of Checking & Savings accounts.
  • 80% of Investments such as Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
  • 100% of Money market accounts.
  • 80% of Marketable securities.
  • 80% of Retirement accounts, like IRAs and 401ks, must have cash conversion liquidity
  • Business assets are ineligible.

Monthly Income Calculation

Simply divide your eligible assets from the above-(your determining assets) then divide by 84 which equals your qualifying monthly income. 

Conventional Loan with Asset Depletion

Most people already understand conventional loans – it’s the loan most people think about when qualifying for a mortgage. What most people don’t know if you can get conventional financing using asset depletion. With the ​​Fannie Mae Conventional loan model, you can borrow up to $766,550 currently, if you can prove you have enough funds to qualify. The conventional loan amortizes your assets over 360 months.


10% Down Asset-Based Mortgage Loans to $2,000,000

20% Down Jumbo Asset-Based Mortgage Loans to $3,000,000

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Comparing Current Asset Depletion Loan Rates

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Current Asset-Based Mortgage Rates

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