Eddie Hoskins, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. After being led on, misinformed, and denied by 4 other mortgage companies, you and First Florida Financial Group did the “impossible” and were able to get us a loan for a condo unit that no other company would even look at. Home Owners Associations, Investor-owned ratios, tenant delinquencies, etc. None of these were an issue with First Florida Financial Group, despite all the info that we had received from the previous companies.

With so many things that could complicate the process of buying a home, you were from the very first phone call, honest, realistic, and incredibly speedy. We never had any problems getting a hold of you throughout the entire process and you were always just a phone call away.

After dealing with 4 other mortgage companies, we really didn’t think the service that you provided was even a possibility in this industry. 110% satisfied, really something that never happens anywhere, anymore. We cannot recommend you enough to anybody that is serious about closing on a home. Eddie means business and our only regret was not going to you first.

Thanks again,

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