We want to thank a million times to Eddie Hoskins and his team at First Florida Financial Group. Everything, from initiating contact with Eddie on a Saturday afternoon about five weeks ago, until the closing day, today, all efforts to make this purchase happen were outstanding on their part. Our previous house, located in another part of the country, where we moved from, was still in the market at the time when we found the dream house here and we needed to commit immediately, to not lose it. But it seemed that a financial miracle was needed, to be able to get to close. And Eddie and his team helped us to make this miracle happen! In regard to logistics, the documents required are collected via a secured portal, Eddie’s team is responding with professionalism and high speed to any questions/requests/concerns you might have, and they work closely with the client and the title company to get all the necessary steps (appraisal, inspection, insurance, survey, etc.) done promptly.

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